Rosa dei Venti Boat Tours

"May your dreams come true
and may they bring you happiness and wisdom”

Hello, welcome to my web-site.My name is Marco, I was born and lived all my life in Levanto. A true paradise for those who love nature.What yoy are about to see has been, since childhood, one of my dreams..many dreams, and now for a few years it has become reality!. In fact, I am convinced that dreams represent our true reality, while the “the daily ruotine” made of the usual necessities has become routine because of someone who has decided for us. As a result, not to feel alone and outsiders to this society we decide to follow the daily routine and live the “daily life”. I have many passions, however, what I truly enjoy are scuba diving and free flight.Many times I have asked myself why to such different and opposit experiences.: the water and sky bring such similar emotions.I believe thet the reason is because since the beginning of time the two have represented one of the greates desires.. 

...per fuggire dal Covid in tutta tranquillità

Tutti i nostri materiali (barche, pedalò, kayak, ecc.) vengono sterilizzati accuratamente dopo ogni utilizzo da parte del pubblico. Non perdete l'occasione di prendere il largo in tutta sicurezza, anche con un tour guidato, per allontanarsi dalla calca, e scoprire il miglior volto della nostra regione: la natura, il mare, la fauna marina, il sole, il relax. 

Dreams. Many times, even today at my age, I found myself staring at the sky searching for who Knows what.I am happy abaout this, because from the infinity of two elements, the same chid from the blond golden hair is still smiling at me. I hope that you as well while living a positive or negative experience will be able to find the courage and the drive to fight and defend your dreams.

The boat of fairy tales
26 luglio 21:15 e 15 agosto 20:45
start "Porticciolo dei Pescatori" - La Pietra

On some summer evenings the typical Ligurian gozzo Pequod turns into "The boat of fairy tales".
We set sail towards the horizon, in the magical hour of twilight, and it is at this moment, when the sun sets, that other fantastic worlds and creatures can be discovered.
Water, stars and stories lull us.
At each exit a story will be "fished" by the public.
The boat is run by Marco the skipper "Rosa dei Venti".
The fairy tales of the Ligurian tradition are theatrically elaborated by Marta Mingucci "Natura-Teatro".

For Info and Reservations ONLY for "La barca delle Fiabe"

Marta (naturalist, actress, environmental hiking guide, 5 Terre Park guide)

347/8659181 (MARTA) -

Maximum 11 participants.

(The reservation is mandatory before 12.00 of the previous day).

In case of adverse weather conditions, the narration will take place in the little port “La Pietra” or on another date.